Answering your RTX 3080 questions! - Probing Paul #52

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Answering your RTX 3080 questions! - Probing Paul #52
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0:00 Intro
1:32 Does the aggressive price of the RTX 3080 / 3000 series mean Big Navi will be good?
3:54 Will big and power-hungry RTX 3000 series GPUs be bad for SFF / Mini-ITX builders?
7:28 What is a good *INTEL* CPU to pair with the RTX 3080?
9:25 Will there be an RTX 3080 Ti, and will 3rd party cards underperform vs FE?
12:33 Do you turn your PC off every night? Does turning it off stress the components?
14:03 What is the best thing to do with old PC hardware? Re-use or recycle?
15:23 Can you add a USB 3.2 Gen2 front panel header if your mobo doesn’t have one?
16:46 HDMI Audio Follow up - HDMI pass-through on a receiver
18:01 $16000 dollar RAM should have free shipping...

Intel Core i7 10700K (my recommended Intel CPU for the RTX 3080) -
EZDIY-FAB USB3.1 Gen2 Internal 20-pin Front Panel Connector Expansion Card -
EKWB RTX 3080 Water Block

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