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What is the story of IGI 1?
Project IGI's plot (IGI stands rather cheesily for "I'm Going In", by the way) is set in the former Soviet Union where the game's protagonist, David Jones - an ex-SAS soldier turned freelance Allied governments operative - is tracking down Jach Priboi, the man responsible for the theft of a nuclear device.

What happened to Project IGI?
Wulff confirmed that the new IGI is in development, but said, "We don't have much to announce at this point, other than that the game will be called IGI - We're Going In," a play on the original title that suggests a focus on (or at least inclusion of) co-op multiplayer.

Has IGI 3 been released?
The third game of IGI will release in 2021 or may be in 2020. The game is developing by Toadman interactive. You can share your idea with them. If you wish to watch the missions of IGI 3 in future then subscribe my youtube channel ''Gaming Zone

What is the size of IGI 1?
270 MB
IGI 1 Game Size: 270 MB System Requirements Operating System : Windows XP CPU :300 MHz Processor : 733MHz RAM : 256MB Hard Space

How many missions are there in IGI 3?
How Many Missions Are There In IGI 3. According to rumors there are 19 missions are introduced in IGI 3 GAME. In this GAME a single participant is assigned for a certain mission. And only that single player will finish his journey until the mission was complete.

IGI 3 Release Date
Expected releasing date of this game is between 2020 and 2021. This is the expected date given by developers of this game which is required for building and shaping the overall architecture of the game. I know that the above date is very far from today but due to some issues regarding to development of this game , the date is shifted up to 2021. Other info like theme of game and trailer are given below.



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