LEGO SPIKE Prime Omni-3 - an omnidirectional robot

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This LEGO SPIKE Prime Omni-3 robot can drive in all directions thanks to its 3 omnidirectional wheels and a small mathematical formula for motor control that is programmed in a convenient MyBlok.

This robot can be built from 1 SPIKE Prime set + 3 LEGO built Omni wheels (based on Yoshihito ISOGAWA LEGO Omni wheel*) or 3 LEGO compatible Omni wheels (+-58mm).

Building instructions and demo program with Omni-drive MyBlok can be found at

Those interested in the underlying theory of omnidirectional LEGO robots can read this article by Xander Soldaat:

*movie of Yoshihito ISOGAWA's LEGO Omni wheel:

Note: the LEGO SPIKE Prime 45678 set is the educational version of the new LEGO MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor 51515 set.
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