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Awesome smartwatch. The quality and features of this watch are really good at this price. Easy to set up and connect to my phone. This watch tracks your heart rate, oxygen levels, calories, and blood pressure.
It keeps track of your steps and physical activity for the day and it’s waterproof.
Awesome smart watch! Great value for the cost. It is a great fitness tracker. Love the pink band! This watch does so many things, it is comparable to more pricey brands and works just as well.
The watch feature keeps the day, date and time. This watch also lets you view your social media notifications and text messages. It also tracks your heart rate, oxygen levels and blood pressure.
It keeps track of your steps and physical activity for the day and it’s waterproof! Very pleased with this smart watch.
Found this smart watch and i really like it has a lot features and the best thing i like is that i can view most things on the front screen without scrolling around
Now i need a replacement for my steps, sleep and sports recording...... to be cautious and cost effective, i decided to try this one instead of apple watch again...till apple can build a crackproof one....It came on time and looks pretty decent designed and feels very solid.
battery life is much better than my apple watch for sure and after i even did a little science project by having running water flushing it and sinking it in basin for long time, with my sons to show them how the waterproof works show them how technology works trying to inspire them maybe build a better world........My mom saw the project also and decided that this watch fits her better so she does not need to take it off when washing dishes and cooking.....Now she has it and i will have to see what i can do for myself...
The best watch I ever had . I was looking a Smart watch but nothing expensive. Yes I got my amazing watch . It tracked down Calories ,BP, heart rate,sleeping hours , recorded time and it Monitor my running skills .
It works perfectly fine in water. I am Impressed.
Usually, when I purchase items from lesser known sellers that lack the brand recognition of some of their bigger competitors, I go in expecting lower quality and performance, but this smart watch surprised me.
It has a user-friendly, tactile screen that displays an array of information, such as time, total steps, heart rate and blood pressure, a stopwatch, and most importantly messages and notifications.
In addition to syncing with your phone to vibrate when you receive a notification, the watch can be used to help find your phone so long as it is within range.
The time interface has multiple styles that display important information differently, depending on preference.My few complaints are that the attachment mounts between the main body and the band are slightly flimsy, and there are glaring spelling mistakes within the app, the instructions, and the software of the watch itself.
The step count can also be off by several hundred steps because of step-like hand movements that trigger the sensor. These are very small issues that don’t really interfere much with the watch’s overall performance.Overall, it is a great buy.
Nice and elegant looking watch. Yes it doesn’t matchup to your typical iwatch but it does has all the daily health tracking functions. I would definitely rock this between my watches.
It doesn’t look cheap and the interface is very nice to look at. Setup is super easy after you download the app on iTunes Store.
This SmartWatch will really make your day, aside for its great features like tracking your heart rate, and others, it gives accurate results too. It also has a nice strap with pastel pink color.
The straps wont stock up dirt or dust easily. I might say that for the price it is a good enough dupe for expensive ones. Worth to buy.

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