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I like how this is waterproof. The first thing I did is put this under running water and this is fine. No leak and all
If you are looking for a starter smart watch without the hefty price tag, get this one. The size and resolution of screen is perfect. Its very well made.
The calculation of the number of steps is very accurate. I also wash dishes and give baths and haven’t had any issues with the waterproof/ water resistance feature.
This is a really good alternative to the more expensive Apple watches. I would recommend this watch!
It is very easy to use and has many functions. The strap is skin-friendly and very convenient to wear when exercising.
I bought this watch as a gift for my husband. It was delivered promptly, and was exactly as described online. It was easy to get the band sized at our local jeweler. My husband likes his new watch.
AWESOME watch! Easy to set up, easy to use! Works great and seems very accurate. Two different bands make it nice.
Comfortable to wear, I'm glad i got this thing especially in our situation now, I can easily track my health every now then.
I have always wanted a sports watch, this watch makes me very satisfied!
This watch does more than I expected for the price. I am not electronically savvy, but it was so easy to set up. It came with 2 pink watch bands . You can change the clock screen, I pictured the options.
You can track steps, sleep, heart rate, blood pressure. You can check text messages, and play songs on your phone from the watch. I’ve been using it for 3 days and I’m really glad I purchased it.
Oh yeah, and I haven’t had to charge it yet.
The watch is very easy to set up and it is waterproof. The first thing I did was put it under running water, which I liked very much.
This is the second smart watch I bought, the pink one for my wife. The watch is equipped with two kinds of material straps, leather and rubber, leather and silver watches are very beautiful.
It looks very advanced. There is no problem with the function. SMS and reminders of major social software are available, and health reports are used with mobile apps

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