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These are real reviews about Smart Watch, UMIDIGI UFit Fitness Tracker for Men Women with Blood Oxygen(SpO2) Meter Heart Rate Monitor 5ATM Waterproof, ... from customers who has bought this product that share their experiences so you can make the best buying decision.

Happy with my purchase. I have another smartwatch and I compared both of them and this watch was just as accurate as the one I have.
Its a smartwatch. It does its job very well.Not much more to say than that. Setup was easy. You will need to make sure you plug in the watch at first to "wake it up".
Mine came with nearly a full charge. My first impressions was the watch is very intuitive to use and after a minute or two I easy could navigate my way around.
I also use an Apple Watch 5 and the health tracking on this watch easily surpasses my Apple Watch- which is surprising.
The Apple Watch does not have native sleep tracking, blood pressure reading, nor oxygen sensor- all which this watch does.The only downside to the watch is it would have been nice to have better app integration for things like Facebook/news/etc.
However, at this watchs price-point that is really nitpicking.
This is an amazing smart watch and perfect compare to an Apple Watch. This works equally good and is has great features. The watch is super easy to setup and connect to your smart phone.
I would highly recommend it for the price point. The step tracker is the favorite feature on the watch along with the long battery life.
Nice for an inexpensive android watch/fitness tracker.
Setup was extremely easy, connected to my phone in seconds and I just typed in my info. I love that it comes with a lot of cool features, much more than just counting steps.
My favorite is the text message and call features, my texts and calls come straight to the watch which is really convenient. Fits comfortably and is lightweight.
Affordable and great quality, would definitely recommend.
I run over ten miles a day to and from my vehicle, and get over 28,000 steps per day, which is all info I wanted to b e tracking.
This being said, I didnt want something expensive like an apple watch or a fitbit, but something that was affordable and did all I needed it to. Boy was I surprised!
This watch goes above and beyond, and does all the stuff that a 300$ smart watch does, but for less than 50! I have very large hands and wrists and the watch fits very comfortably.
The metal is matte and durable, and the screen is responsive. The thing can take a beating, and Im not as worried about doing projects when I wear it because of how good the price is.
I use the watch so frequently, and it is easily visible when at a max brightness in full sun, and get 2-4 days of battery life (with heavy usage, sport modes frequently on).
The blood pressure and O2 measurements as well as the heart-rate monitoring are all very accurate and useful. Also, since I cant have my phone on me when Im working, this is the perfect solution.
I need to monitor my heart and oxygen levels and this watch make that extremely easy. The sensors are built right into the watch.
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